The essence of human health is cell health!

Cells are the most basic structural and functional units of the human body.

Scientific discovery: The cause of all the diseases that people suffer can be attributed to a problem with the cells.

There is a problem with the cells – the organization has problems – the organs have problems – the system has problems – people will get sick!

01 Why do we want to eat?

In the life of a person, for example, in the case of 78 years old, a total of 550 tons of food will be eaten in a lifetime. These foods are to provide sufficient and comprehensive nutrition for the cells!

If you compare the human body to a house, then the cells are bricks. Only solid bricks can build a stable building. If your cells are damaged and not fully nutritious, it is like hollow. Bricks, bricks with missing corners, bricks that cut …

Precautions to keep in mind when running

Long-distance running is very good for our health. If you can often run long distances at normal times, then you can improve our physical fitness. At the same time, you can also exercise your will through long-distance running. It can be said that it is one-of-a-kind health. The method is, but there are certain precautions in the long-distance running. Let us look at the situation to be careful.

Prepare for activities

Long-distance running is good for our health, but be careful when running long, especially before the morning run, we should first drink a cup of warm water to replenish moisture and increase blood flow. Before going out, you should empty your urine and sputum, rub your hands and head and face to increase the blood circulation of these parts, and fully move your limbs, chest, back, abdomen, waist, ankle, etc. by doing exercises or small steps. jogging. It is …

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