You must master these essentials before reloading on foot

Adjust the load, control the body balance and pace rhythm, back shoulders back, take a deep breath in the abdomen, touch the ground with the whole foot, when you should go according to your walking rhythm, try to keep at a constant speed, do not run when you are slow to stop. The most appropriate speed is to walk without breathing and to maintain the speed of walking all day.


  1. Choose the route and find your own route in terms of physical strength, time, and equipment.
  2. The choice of the team, first determine whether you want to choose a business team or an AA team, expecting to get more services from business activities may be disappointing, AA activities are everyone AA mutual help, but everyone is taking care of themselves Under the premise, help others, and do not pray in the AA team for the whole team to help

The great benefits of outdoor sports

Outdoor sports is a group of collective projects held in natural venues, including mountain climbing, rock climbing, cliffs, camping, wild donkeys, orienteering, streams, adventures, and most of the outdoor leisure sports is expeditionary. Asian extreme sports, which are challenging and stimulating, embrace nature and challenge yourself.
In fact, going to the wilderness activities does not make sense in itself. The real meaning is to discover the beauty of nature and its own transformation.
If you are a person who often plays outdoors, I believe that you have already seen the difference between yourself and the people around you, but this change is not as simple as the body becomes fat and thin because there is no data and no way to calculate the increment. Only those who are in it can understand it.
First, play and exercise correctly
Life is in motion, and exercise makes people evergreen. This is a …

Precautions to keep in mind when running

Long-distance running is very good for our health. If you can often run long distances at normal times, then you can improve our physical fitness. At the same time, you can also exercise your will through long-distance running. It can be said that it is one-of-a-kind health. The method is, but there are certain precautions in the long-distance running. Let us look at the situation to be careful.

Prepare for activities

Long-distance running is good for our health, but be careful when running long, especially before the morning run, we should first drink a cup of warm water to replenish moisture and increase blood flow. Before going out, you should empty your urine and sputum, rub your hands and head and face to increase the blood circulation of these parts, and fully move your limbs, chest, back, abdomen, waist, ankle, etc. by doing exercises or small steps. jogging. It is …

The significance of outdoor parent-child activities

In this highly competitive era, interpersonal communication, psychological quality, physical quality, and teamwork often determine the strength of young people’s social competition in the future. At present, outdoor development activities are recognized and widely promoted in the near future. Through various expansion and interactive games to help families tap their potential, create a strong family cohesion, let children explore, think, and comprehend in this particular environment.

  • Parent-child development concept

The beginning of parent-child development is usually the case where the student experiences a specific simulation under the guidance of the trainer, usually to complete a task. Feeling: Participants get the most real feelings by being in a particular scene. This feeling will be all-around and impressive. Participants will spontaneously analyze this experience and begin to generate some ideas. Sharing: Under the guidance of the trainer, the students share their feelings, and each student will get more experience. This is the …

Talking about the Role and Significance of Developing Parent-child Activities in Off-campus Education

“Dear Dad is coming” charity parent-child activity is a charity and parent-child activity that is carefully designed by the Zhengzhou Women and Children Activity Center for families in the city, especially left-behind, migrant children and low-income families. Since the first activity was launched in 2013, 11 parent-child activities have been carried out, and more than 300 families have participated in the event, which has been well received and welcomed by the majority of families. Many media in and outside the province, such as China Women’s Daily, Zhengzhou Evening News, Zhengzhou TV Station, Zhengzhou Education TV Station, Dengfeng TV Station,, and Netease News, have reported on the scene, which has aroused strong social repercussions. As the organizer of the event, I was deeply touched by the development of the “Dear Dad” charity parent-child activity.


As is known to all, influenced by Confucianism, the expression of affection in the East …

The benefits of outdoor sports for teenagers

Taking part in outdoor activities is good for relaxing and exercising. Especially for teenagers, they have a good personality and prefer outdoor activities. Some parents often prohibit children from participating in outdoor activities because they are overly worried about their safety. In fact, a moderate number of outdoor activities are beneficial to the health and growth of young people.

Outdoor activities are accompanied by sunlight and fresh air, and the activities of the whole body and the senses are used in an individual or group manner. For example, taking pictures with children, rollerblading, building a house, jumping rubber bands, playing with water and playing sand, not only satisfy the children’s love of playing, but also increase their affinity with nature. Harmony between man and nature is the concept advocated by society. As a parent, you should also take your children out to participate in some outdoor activities to help them …

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