Precautions to keep in mind when running

Long-distance running is very good for our health. If you can often run long distances at normal times, then you can improve our physical fitness. At the same time, you can also exercise your will through long-distance running. It can be said that it is one-of-a-kind health. The method is, but there are certain precautions in the long-distance running. Let us look at the situation to be careful.

Prepare for activities

Long-distance running is good for our health, but be careful when running long, especially before the morning run, we should first drink a cup of warm water to replenish moisture and increase blood flow. Before going out, you should empty your urine and sputum, rub your hands and head and face to increase the blood circulation of these parts, and fully move your limbs, chest, back, abdomen, waist, ankle, etc. by doing exercises or small steps. jogging. It is also necessary to increase or decrease the clothes according to the temperature change, and use soft and comfortable running shoes so that people can better enter the long-distance running state, which will be good for our health.

Moderate amount of exercise

At the same time, we should pay attention to the long-distance running. If we are tired, loss of appetite, and tired of exercise, except for some special circumstances, it is likely to be caused by excessive exercise. In this case, the mileage should be reduced. At the end of the long-distance run, you should pay attention to the finishing activities, do a few hands-on exercises, and take a deep breath. Use hot water to soak your feet before going to bed. This will also be good for relieving fatigue. It is best not to miss it.

First, prevent colds

At the same time, it is easy to have a cold when running long distances, so it is necessary to prevent it when running long distances, and long-distance running can improve the body’s resistance and ability to keep out the cold. After the exercise, the capillaries of the body are all open, and the pores of the sweat are also open. If the pain is taken for the sake of time, the clothes are blown off and a gust of wind is blown. At this time, it is easy to produce a long-distance running. Therefore, after exercise, we should dry the sweat, put on the clothes, take a bath after a while, and put on the dry and soft clothes after the shower, don’t wear the sweaty clothes on the body. This is a situation that needs to be taken care of when running long distances.

Long-distance running is very healthy and very good for our human health, but it also has certain precautions when running long. The above-mentioned situations are all we need to be careful when we are running. Blindly going to long-distance running will only have an impact on health, and everyone must be cautious.

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