Talking about the Role and Significance of Developing Parent-child Activities in Off-campus Education

“Dear Dad is coming” charity parent-child activity is a charity and parent-child activity that is carefully designed by the Zhengzhou Women and Children Activity Center for families in the city, especially left-behind, migrant children and low-income families. Since the first activity was launched in 2013, 11 parent-child activities have been carried out, and more than 300 families have participated in the event, which has been well received and welcomed by the majority of families. Many media in and outside the province, such as China Women’s Daily, Zhengzhou Evening News, Zhengzhou TV Station, Zhengzhou Education TV Station, Dengfeng TV Station,, and Netease News, have reported on the scene, which has aroused strong social repercussions. As the organizer of the event, I was deeply touched by the development of the “Dear Dad” charity parent-child activity.


As is known to all, influenced by Confucianism, the expression of affection in the East tends to be implicit and hidden. It is manifested in the relationship between parents and children, especially the relationship between father and child, and tends to be “strict father and gentle mother.” In the traditional family form, the communication between parents and children is limited to health, career, academics, etc., and emotional exchanges are scarce. Many parents have faced this kind of confusion more or less, I don’t know why Correct opinions and suggestions, but not accepted by children. Many children show extreme situations such as disobedience or strong rebelliousness in the face of parental teachings. This not only makes the family atmosphere more seriously damaged but also is very unfavorable to the growth of children. In modern society, work pressure is high, life is fast, and many young parents do not have the time and energy to seriously participate in the growth of their children. Especially the young fathers, influenced by the traditional concept of “male outside, male and female”, mistakenly positioned themselves as the “hands-on” and “ATM” machine in the process of growing up, and absented the growth process of the child. , causing the estrangement with children to become more and more serious.

In 2013, Hunan TV station launched the “Where is Dad?” parent-child program has been sought after by the national audience, but also caused the society’s concern about the father’s “absence” in the child’s growth process. In view of this, the center decided to launch the “Dear Dad Come” charity parent-child activity to help fathers and children establish good communication habits, broaden communication channels, and achieve the goal of a harmonious parent-child relationship so that the father-in-law can return to family education.

All beginnings are hard. At the beginning of the “Dear Dad came” charity parent-child activity, we also encountered various difficulties. The most outstanding performance is that the fathers do not understand and despise the parent-child activities. When many families see the notice of the event, they always ask “Daddy is busy with work, there is no time, and the mother can’t do it with her.” Our staff members have to explain the original intention and requirements of the activity over and over again, hoping that parents can understand and support. Despite the great efforts of the staff, they had to be frustrated to find that it was far more difficult to invite fathers to participate in the growth of their children and to complete a parent-child activity together. Our staff had to find ways to promote the activities and take the initiative to recruit families to participate. In the aspects of activity design, site environment layout, props preparation, on-site hosting, etc., the staff is strictly required, strive for excellence, and organize every activity seriously.

Hard work pays off. With the joint efforts of all the staff of the center, “Dear Dad is coming” charity parent-child activities from obscurity to small fame, from “chasing parents registration” to “parents taking the initiative” We have never been optimistic about sharing and sharing at the National Conference of Educational Institutions outside the country. We have paid a lot and gained a lot. More and more families are actively participating in the activities to enjoy the fun of parent-child interaction. In the 11 activities we carried out, we constantly innovated, enriched the content of activities and innovative forms of activities. There are indoor activities carried out using the existing venues of the activity center. Children and parents can play games, do manual arts, performing programs, and spend a happy Christmas and Mid-Autumn Festival. There are also various outdoor activities jointly carried out with other units and social welfare forces. In June 2015, the center cooperated with Green Expo Park and McDonald’s and launched a “Dear Dad Come” charity parent-child activity in Green Expo Park. The children learned about it by catching incense and dragon boat with dad, understand the customs and habits of the Dragon Boat Festival, learn Chinese traditional culture knowledge together, and spend a full Dragon Boat Festival. In December 2015, the center organized the children and dad to visit the red mud hall opened by the teacher of the intangible cultural heritage, Mr. Zhao Enmin, to appreciate the unique clay sculpture art. The center is a micro-movie and short video for the warm daddy and encourages the children and dads to bravely speak their hearts. Everyone uses this opportunity to exchange their inner feelings, re-examine the family atmosphere in a sincere and equal situation. Parent-child relationship has made a good start for good communication in the future. This year, the center is also developing ideas, using new media thinking and technology such as the Internet and We Chat platform to innovate the form of “Dear Dad is coming” charity and parent-child activities, and expand the breadth and depth of public welfare activities. Through the activities of “Bai Happiness” and “Great Love Zhengzhou Xingfu Dragon Boat Festival”, the significance of parent-child activities will be further enhanced.

I hope that every parent, especially Dad, can take time out of busy work, get in touch with children, give children a rational and loving environment, and let their children grow up. “Dear Dad is coming” The charity and parent-child activities will, as always, build a platform for parent-child exchanges for families willing to establish close parent-child relationships. Let more families join in, let the whole society form an atmosphere of mutual communication and good communication, and escort children to grow up happily!

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