The benefits of outdoor sports for teenagers

Taking part in outdoor activities is good for relaxing and exercising. Especially for teenagers, they have a good personality and prefer outdoor activities. Some parents often prohibit children from participating in outdoor activities because they are overly worried about their safety. In fact, a moderate number of outdoor activities are beneficial to the health and growth of young people.

Outdoor activities are accompanied by sunlight and fresh air, and the activities of the whole body and the senses are used in an individual or group manner. For example, taking pictures with children, rollerblading, building a house, jumping rubber bands, playing with water and playing sand, not only satisfy the children’s love of playing, but also increase their affinity with nature. Harmony between man and nature is the concept advocated by society. As a parent, you should also take your children out to participate in some outdoor activities to help them breathe fresh air, learn more knowledge and broaden their horizons. In fact, outdoor activities help to improve the children’s abilities. Here are some of the effects of outdoor activities.

  1. The observation

Many parents think that children are still young and take them out for activities. Children don’t remember where they have been and don’t know everything. Some parents will still feel that they aren’t enjoying themselves with their children, and then give up the idea of taking children out. In fact, children often go outdoors to improve their observation, because children are curious about everything, they will ask questions, they will have great interest, and they will remember a lot of things, which will improve their children’s observation.

  1. The social skills

If children often exercise outdoors, their temperament will be liver, more social, and they will say hello when they see people politely. And those children who are always at home will be more introverted, shy, and not good at expressing themselves. This requires parents to take them out to play and encourage them to make friends.

  1. The active learning ability

Many parents feel that outdoor activities are letting children go out to play, but this is not the case. Because children are not familiar with the outside, they will be curious about many things and will keep asking questions. Parents’ patient answers will make children learn a lot of knowledge, and they will also exercise their ability to learn actively. Therefore, parents will take their children out to play during the weekend when they are free, even if they are in the suburbs, they will make their children happy.

  1. The self-protection

Parents are always worried about the safety of their children. In fact, in outdoor sports, children are likely to be injured when they play, but when they exercise a few time, the child learns to protect themselves. At least know how the wound is handled. This is also a skill. And when children go out to see strangers, they will also make them aware of safety and know that they can’t leave with strangers. Therefore, parents can safely take the children out!

  • The development status of outdoor education in China

However, when parents become aware of the flaws in Chinese education, they will eventually realize that: After all, we aren’t cultivating an examination machine! Therefore, in recent years, “outdoor education” has been increasingly valued by people of insight and parents in China. More and more outdoor parent-child activities are appearing everywhere, and families in big cities are more willing to invest their children’s off-campus education in outdoor experiences. Although it is still in its infancy, although there are still many obstacles ahead, it has already begun, and it is a good thing.

  • The Mode and Development Status of Foreign Outdoor Education

Outdoor education for young people is very popular in developed countries. According to the data, the participation rate of outdoor activities for teenagers aged 6 to 12 in the United States in 2011 was 63%, and the participation rate of outdoor activities for teenagers aged 13 to 17 was 62%. There were many projects involved, such as hiking, mountain biking, camping, skiing, and kayaking and rock climbing, etc.

  • Japan regards wild survivability as a life skill essential for young people and has established a special training base.
  • New Zealand has included “wild living and living” content in its curriculum. It believes that outdoor education provides students with the opportunity to develop their personal social skills, enabling students to become active and safe outdoors, as well as to protect and care for the environment.
  • The United States has set up a number of large-scale field survival training experimental bases. There are millions of students participating in the competition.The most famous of these is the Boy Scouts organization. World famous celebrities such as former US President Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Bill Gates, and NBA superstar Jordan have participated in Boy Scout activities.
  • In Sweden, outdoor sports are an indispensable lifestyle in the life of the Swedish people. Not to mention their development of outdoor education for their children.The Swedish government even passed a law called “Allemansrätten” (free passage) to protect people’s access to nature’s public rights in order to facilitate citizens’ enjoyment of nature. This legislation guarantees that all citizens can perform any outdoor activities, including camping, skiing, boating, etc. without disturbing the lives of others.
  • Although the Russian economy is sluggish, there are currently 55,000 camps in Russia with a population of only 150 million. They regard the camp as an important means of cultivating future successors.The famous “Kitty Hawk” national camp, after the Wenchuan earthquake, received 184 children from the disaster-stricken areas in China for a three-week rehabilitation treatment, which was very effective.

Teenagers are the main body of national fitness, how to expand the space for young people to participate in sports activities, and promote the development of outdoor sports and fitness activities nationwide. Let the young people cultivate their sentiments, temper their will, and strengthen their physical fitness in nature, and cultivate their good quality of loving nature and loving sports activities. It is a question worthy of consideration and exploration for practitioners in the outdoor sports industry.

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