The great benefits of outdoor sports

Outdoor sports is a group of collective projects held in natural venues, including mountain climbing, rock climbing, cliffs, camping, wild donkeys, orienteering, streams, adventures, and most of the outdoor leisure sports is expeditionary. Asian extreme sports, which are challenging and stimulating, embrace nature and challenge yourself.
In fact, going to the wilderness activities does not make sense in itself. The real meaning is to discover the beauty of nature and its own transformation.
If you are a person who often plays outdoors, I believe that you have already seen the difference between yourself and the people around you, but this change is not as simple as the body becomes fat and thin because there is no data and no way to calculate the increment. Only those who are in it can understand it.
First, play and exercise correctly
Life is in motion, and exercise makes people evergreen. This is a well-informed truth. In particular, the “work worms” that have lived in cities for a long time (for those who can only work and do not relax) and the white-collar workers who have long been engaged in mental work are more meaningful.
Exercise is not much to say, it has little effect on people who exercise regularly because the amount of exercise is not too small. But for some lovers, especially some women, the impact is very big.
Some exercise methods, such as running, such as going to the gym, may not be attractive enough. Therefore, this kind of exercise that can see the scenery and exercise the body is getting more and more popular.
In terms of relaxation, it is said that exercise itself is the best way to decompress, not to mention the full of scenery, the fresh air of the lungs.
In such an environment, there is almost no time to think about what is going on at work. I feel that my body and mind are completely free and even temporarily out of the sea of bitterness (relative to mountaineering, all work is struggling in the sea), and finally, I can relax once, the mood is Hard to describe or replace in other ways.
Second, deep return to nature
With the high modernization of urban life, people are farther away from nature. Everything in life is exposed to man-made objects. People live in concrete jungles rather than forests.
It is full of artificial electric waves, electro-acoustic, electro-optic and the smell of man-made objects. What is more serious is the seriousness of industrial and living pollution, a by-product of human civilization.
Go to nature and feel the natural magnetic field, the natural sound, the fresh air, the clean water, the warm sunshine, the soft moonlight and so on.
We only have to go to nature to live like a child of nature, not a robot.
Third, the growth of a lot of knowledge
Out-of-town activities must leave the environment that they are familiar with, and voluntarily and involuntarily contact new things and the environment, which enriches our life experience and increases our knowledge.
Some of the insights may have been seen in books, on film and television, but you will always be a rough understanding if you don’t act in person.
And there are a lot of knowledge and experiences that are impossible to learn and learn from books. Is it not a great thing for us to increase our knowledge and enrich our life experience during our trip?
Fourth, physical and mental relaxation
In modern life, people are always busy with their livelihoods because of their survival and development. The fast-paced and efficient modern life makes people’s nerves and life highly nervous.
In such a long-term life, people’s eyes become frivolous, psychological abnormalities develop, and the body is prone to various modern urban syndromes, and the health status is changing. People crave a thorough relaxation of mind and body and maintain a healthy mental state.
Although there are many similar industries in the city for this service, such as sauna, various massages, and some recreational sports, they are mostly a kind of appearance, temporary relaxation, and treatment.
Of course, our natural embrace is not to evade all the dissatisfaction in the city. We should actively adjust ourselves, recognize ourselves, transform ourselves, and draw new ideas and new energy from nature. It is more meaningful to invest in times and life. Go in the pace.
Five, make more friends
Going out, one’s own thinking about the ancient style of walking has its own unique meaning, but it makes more sense to walk with like-minded friends.
Most of the “outdoor activities” are not colleagues and classmates who get along with each other, but the interested parties from different units. This not only provides a good opportunity to make friends but also expands their social face. Opportunities to exchange and discuss issues and information of mutual interest.
Since everyone always wears a “mask” in their daily work, once they reach an uninterested environment, they will open their hearts to each other and get along without any restrictions. True feelings and true faces will naturally come out in such an environment. Friends who make friends in China are always long-lasting and sincere.
If we pass a relatively difficult field activity, in the process of helping each other and overcoming various difficulties together, the spark of friendship and even the spark of love will burst out.
Sixth, cultivate personal sentiment
It is self-evident that when we go out with activities such as returning to nature, visiting nature, being close to nature, making friends, exercising physical fitness, and increasing our knowledge, we are also cultivating sentiment and practicing taste.
In this age of awakening health, outdoor sports have been integrated into our lives, and more and more recognized and sought after by the general public, more and more become a fashion.
This kind of return to nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the city is a kind of appeal that people can’t stop after the material living level is significantly improved. They are conquering themselves while looking for happiness.
Stylish and elegant sports, both strong body and edifying sentiment!\


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