The significance of outdoor parent-child activities

In this highly competitive era, interpersonal communication, psychological quality, physical quality, and teamwork often determine the strength of young people’s social competition in the future. At present, outdoor development activities are recognized and widely promoted in the near future. Through various expansion and interactive games to help families tap their potential, create a strong family cohesion, let children explore, think, and comprehend in this particular environment.

  • Parent-child development concept

The beginning of parent-child development is usually the case where the student experiences a specific simulation under the guidance of the trainer, usually to complete a task. Feeling: Participants get the most real feelings by being in a particular scene. This feeling will be all-around and impressive. Participants will spontaneously analyze this experience and begin to generate some ideas. Sharing: Under the guidance of the trainer, the students share their feelings, and each student will get more experience. This is the charm of expansion. Summary: The trainer summarizes the results of the discussion and the related theories, and the students’ understanding increases from sensibility to rationality. Application: The life and work after the training are completed by the students. From recognizing practice, it ultimately guides the cycle of rising practice.

  • Parent-child expansion purpose
  1. Feeling the growth and hardship thanks to the parents’ teaching;
  2. Stimulating individual potential leads to collective thinking;
  3. Learn to appreciate others’ deep self-awareness;
  4. Strengthen team awareness as an affinity family;
  5. Discover your potential, enhance your self-confidence, and change your image;
  6. Promote mutual understanding between parents and children, mutual understanding, and help parents better educate their children;
  7. Overcome the “arrogance” and “pure” spirit and inertia, hone the will and improve the ability to cultivate children’s independent living ability;
  8. Share and share a meaningful weekend with each other and enjoy the fun outdoor activities;
  9. Parent-child activities enhance the emotions of children and parents

“Parent-child activities” is an indispensable part of children’s activities. The attachment of young children and adults is natural and very important. Children who grow up in deep family relationships are healthy, lively and intelligent. Young children and parents have established an intimate relationship in a happy parent-child game.

  1. Parent-child activities enhance the happiness index of young children

The happy character is formed by the infection in a suitable environment and is the result of the infiltration of happy emotional experience. In the “parent-child activities”, young children fully choose their favorite activities and discover and experience the happiness of success through their own continuous attempts and efforts. During the whole activity, the child has no pressure and fear of failure, no heavy psychological burden, and fully enjoys the happiness of being a master.

  1. Parent-child activities promote the healthy development of young children

Parent-child activities not only benefit the emotional communication between parents and children, close parent-child relationship, improve the happiness index of young children, but also promote the development of children’s various aspects. Children’s nature is free. Every child has his own unique way of exploring things. Parent-child activities allow children to observe things and touch things in their own way, and their methods will be fully respected. The spirit of parent-child activities is to respect the child’s ideas, respect the development stage of the child, and give the child the opportunity to choose. Parent-child activities provide a relaxed and relaxing environment for children to share their fun with their parents. In this way, children’s emotions, cognition, language, movement, creativity, social interaction, and other abilities can be fully developed.

  1. Outdoor activities can improve children’s social development

Outdoor activities often need to be carried out with children. Even simple game activities have many rules. For example, if a few children slide together on a slide, there is a problem of order; together with building blocks and kicking the ball, there is a problem of cooperation and cooperation. It can be said that outdoor activities provide a broad space for children to solve daily life problems and accumulate human living standards. Children tend to accumulate experience from the game and migrate to the everyday life of the future.

  1. Outdoor activities help the baby to understand the environment through exercise and feeling

The German preschool education community believes that outdoor activities are good for children, such as climbing, jumping, running, etc. Children are born to love sports, through and feeling, they will gradually understand the external environment, children recognize that things are both cause and effect, and understand the internal connections of things in different ways. As the scope of activities expands, children’s self-confidence can continue to grow.

  1. Outdoor activities can satisfy the nature of children’s active and inquiring

In outdoor activities, the constraints on children are greatly reduced. In more cases, they are active participants in the activities, so they can give full play to their imagination, hands-on ability, and creativity.

  • Parent-child outdoor activities should pay attention to matters
  1. Choose the right time andthe right season

Generally speaking, the baby can go outdoors after the full moon, but some people think it is too small. Let the baby take the sun to pay attention to choose the day when it is suitable for the sun, such as the noon in the winter, the summer morning, and the time to pay attention to the sun should not be too long, should be a step-by-step approach. Have a baby out to the sun to carry water with you, to give your baby water in time.

  1. Pay attention to the part of the sun

Normally, the baby’s sun-driving parts are mainly in the back of the baby’s head and buttocks, as well as the hands and feet. It is necessary to avoid facial eyes, especially to avoid direct sunlight.

  1. Wear too many clothes for your baby

If you want to bring your baby to the sun, you should pick windless weather, take your baby’s clothes off the sunbath, instead of wrapping them tightly, so there is no effect at all, and you will catch a cold because you wear too much sweat.

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